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FREE Mini Course on Mastering

The Inner Game of Thought


Are you ready to master your thoughts?

Join me in this Powerful 4 Lesson Course on exploring 3 of my favorite chapters plus the Foreword from James Allen's iconic self-development book called 'As A Man Thinketh'. 

Get ready to experience the poetic beauty of this important body of work as we dissect and dig deep into universal truths and the not so understood fact that thoughts truly do create things!

Dive in and experience

**A rising of your awareness that you truly are fully resourced to create the life of your dreams.

**The understanding that we are the creators of ourselves...of our character, our life experiences, our dreams & our serenity - and we do all of this with the thoughts we choose to blossom in our garden minds!

Whats Inside this course?

When you click on the sign up button below, you'll gain instant lifetime access  to the following:

  • Companion Text (Downloadable PDF) with the entire 'As A Man Thinketh' book formatted with numbered lines that makes following along with the lessons easy peasy!

  • 4 Short Video Lessons on the Foreword, Thought & Character, Vision & Ideals & Serenity

  • Fillable PDF Reflection Questions to jet fuel your path to mastering your thoughts and in turn your life! Are you excited yet? 


"Jessica's mini book study on 'As A Man Thinketh' was a rewarding and enlightening experience for me. Her layout for the study was super easy to follow along and beautifully executed. Diving into the chapters, line by line, along with Jessica opened up a portal of deeper understanding and 'AHA!" moments. Her quotes and analogies were completely fitting and relatable.. She provided reflection sheets after each teaching which were especially valuable and still act as part of my daily affirmations and reminders that I am the maker of my character! The quality of my thoughts directly affects my reality...So I continue to plant new thought seeds in my garden mind and I highly recommend you sign up for the course and learn how to become a master gardener too :) In love and light...Amy xoxo"

Amy Phillips, USA

Self Control is strength; Right Thought is mastery; Calmness is power. Say unto your heart, "Peace, be still!"

-James Allen, 'Serenity' - 'As A Man Thinketh'

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