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Start Living Life By Your Own Magnificent Design

As your transformation guide~ess and unwavering believer in your incredible potential, I invite you to join me and a community of like-minded, growth-loving individuals just like yourself in my private, free Facebook Group, My Merakilous Life! This is where all the action takes place! Jump in on free masterclasses and inspired lessons, soak up the positive content and energy, and let's rock this growth journey together! I'm so excited to meet and connect with you!

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Ready to Master Your Thoughts?

Jump into the FREE MINI COURSE on learning to master the inner game of thought! We dive into three of my all time favorite chapters from the iconic self-development book by James Allen, called 'As A Man Thinketh.' Experience the magic of this poetic and powerful body of work, as I guide you through universal truths and the important life changing fact that our thoughts truly do create our realities....learn to cultivate better thoughts, and watch life transform before your eyes!


Hey Beautiful Soul! I'm Jessica Usher

I'm a believer and activator of the human potential, EME (Emotion Mind Energy) Integration Practitioner, lightworker, writer and transformation guide~ess! And I'm so happy you're here!

 If you're tired of feeling frustrated, unmotivated and stuck, getting the same results month after month, year after year...

If you feel that your current reality...where you are right now, is as good as it's ever going to get...

If you find yourself yearning for MORE to experience out of your life...more joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment...

I Got YOU...because, believe it or not, YOU Totally Got This! 

And I can show you HOW!

Get ready to step into a new light ~ the light of awareness, the light of greater understanding and the motivation to change your limiting beliefs, attitudes and energy that do not serve you. Get ready to step into a new beautiful reality of your own design! Get ready to choose your incredible growth and transformation!

Let's Do This!

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Attitude | Energy | Power of I AM | Overcoming Fear | + More...

Learn about your Circle of Responsibility that ultimately creates the Attitude you bring to life experiences...learn how to recognize those limiting beliefs and habits that hold you back from truly getting the results you desire...start intentionally putting fear in the backseat while you take control of the wheel, choosing YOU and your growth instead...learn about the powerful energy and transformation that comes from using the two words "I Am" in the most empowering ways! Take part in these incredible FREE masterclasses in my private Facebook group. Immerse yourself in the content, in the energy and the interactive conversations, and enjoy your ascension!

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Purpose | Energy | Infinite Potential | Action | Freedom to Choose | Inspired Life | Merakilous Manifestation

Our courses range from short, sweet & impactful to deeply immersive and transformational. Get on the waitlist today to get the latest information on course release dates, pricing and details on all the juicy transformations they will bring you! I don't want you to miss out, sign up below...

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Jessica embodies wellness and embraced ME with every experience that shaped ME. She radiates kindness and patience and listened to my voice. The environment was safe and authentic. Thank you Jess for allowing and helping me embrace my GODDESS SELF and encouraging me to love myself and be who I AM designed to be in the universe. I AM in Gratitude to your powerful words of positivity and divine love.

Rosemary Salam

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