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    Some Happy Readers

    "The compilation of '10 Quotes to Live By' that Jess has so intricately put together and deciphered is perhaps one of the most purposeful readings I have come across. She has done so well at extracting and breaking down these gems into small pieces we can consume and digest in a way that is easy for us to absorb. By putting a personal perspective on each, in a way that is relatable , and one that challenges us to ask ourselves what we are doing to take ownership of how we experience life. The truths Jess have found in all these writings, is a philosophy that I have always shared, that life truly is all about perspective, and everything is relative, and all things can be countered and centered by the weight we choose to give them. I would definitely share and think everyone would find something useful in her collection!"

    Tanya H, Belize

    "This compilation of quotes, thoughtfully and intentionally placed together by Jess, helps readers to understand the transformational power we all hold. She has an amazing way of being that soft, affirmative voice that helps you to think about these truths and encourages much needed reflections. Life can be overwhelming, as well as distracting at times. These quotes help to remind us of who we are and how we can live the life we were intended for. Thank you for thinking of us Jess! And thank you for using your words to help empower!"

    Monique R, Belize

    "The moment I met Jessica Usher, I knew she had a beautiful soul. I could feel it. And somehow I sensed that I would be in touch with her for the rest of my life. What I didn't know then was that Jess was going through depression. And what I didnt know then was that she would begin an earnest fight to pull herself out of it. I've been an avid follower of Jessica's blog. Encountering several periods of self-doubt in my recent life, I found myself enchanted reading Jessica's honest and heartfelt writings of her research and experiences, most of them stemming from her reading and interpreting the wisdom of others. I identified with every single one. She's made me think, and feel, and learn, and realize I'm not alone. And so, I want to give Jessica my sincere congratulations on her wonderful compilation of her interpretation of these 10 quotes of wisdom that have helped and will help so many. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, I appreciate it very very much.

    Lane G A, USA