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About Us

This is Me ~ Jessica Usher

  • I am mama to two incredible boys and life partner to Andrew

  • Former chronic worrier, cyclic depressive and anxiety sufferer

  • Discovered our infinite connection to the universe and how to make that supercomputer called the mind, sitting on our shoulders, work in our favor

  • Became aware of just how much power we have to create our reality with intention, imagination and action

  • Absolutely obsessed with personal development

  • Also obsessed with quotes from thought legends both past and present

  • Unwavering believer in the Human Potential

  • I'm a Scorpio, Empath and Introvert 

  • Burning desire to guide others who are still in the darkness with the light of new awareness and epic growth journey experiences

  • On a mission to raise the collective vibration of the planet 

  • Published Writer of words that inspire

  • Creator of online courses that transform lives

  • Intuitive Life Coach - EME Integration Practitioner

  • Also, I'm a pretty good baker ;)

  • This is US

    That handsome fella is my life partner and biggest fan :)

    Andrew is the reason I'm out here living my divine blueprint! He took my hand 4 years ago and asked me to join him in a guided book study with one of his mentors on the classic, 'Think & Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill... and I said 'Yes!'

    The absolute belief shattering, mind opening breakthroughs I experienced in that study was the catalyst for my transformational journey! He took my hand because he has always believed I am capable of so much more.

    He believed in me way before I did!

    Sometimes we need someone to believe in us when we don't have the resources and awareness to believe in our own beautiful light. This is what birthed Merakilous Life...

    I am here to blow your mind wide open with the brilliant light of AWARENESS, so that YOU TOO can start believing in your unlimited potential and truly start TAKING ACTION to live life by your own design!

    Will you take my hand and walk along side me as I guide you down the path to your enlightenment...to your soul purpose, to the divine belief in yourself and your incredible power to create your own Merakilous Life?

    •   Say YES to your GROWTH! 



    I BELIEVE IN YOU...Let's do this!

    Sometimes you have to believe in someone else's belief in you... until your own belief kicks in! ~ Les Brown

    About Meraki

     Meraki is a Greek word meaning doing something with complete soul and pure love...it means leaving a piece of yourself in your  creative work...

    Snapshot of our Merakilous journey!

    Meraki Growth Strategies 

    Andrew and I launched our business, Meraki Growth Strategies in November, 2017. Andrew is a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and trainer. He's an incredible leader with a passion for nurturing and developing leadership skills in individuals and teams who have a desire to grow. I managed administrative tasks and had the great advantage of a front row seat to all the content that he was learning and developing for his trainings. Of course, being life partner to such an awesome, positive support didn't hurt either! As my mind ignited with the beautiful awareness of my potential, my desire to be, do and have more sky-rocketed. In November 2019, I invested in a course called Speak & Inspire, and re-discovered my passion for writing...

    Let In The Light 

    Although the course's main objective was to learn to speak and inspire, I found a way to express my voice through the written word:) I launched the blog, 'Let in the Light' in January 2020. I was beyond uncomfortable being out on that platform, but at this point I'd learned that if you're not uncomfortable, you're not growing! The goal was to share about my struggles with mental health and my journey to self-love and self-healing. I wanted to share everything I was learning that could possibly help others experiencing the same things. As I continued to invest in my growth, the blog posts became more infused with the rich content and voices of the teachers, leaders and legends I was learning from. Soon, my purpose became crystal clear...

    Merakilous Life

    I had discovered how to change my results! I went from feeling like the walls were constantly caving in on me, being relentlessly disappointed in myself and the exhausting and dizzying hamster wheeI I seemed to live on ~ to discovering the light within me, which ignited the desire to start taking the right actions, ultimately changing my results, one belief shattering moment at a time. This radical transformation is the reason Meraki-lous Life was born! It is my mission to create content that will showcase and simplify the core tools and principles that were the catalyst for my own awakening, and bring this light to anyone who is ready to take action and experience positive change in their lives! Andrew remains my steadfast supporter and pops in occasionally to treat us with his unique wisdom and light!

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